National Register of Big Trees Nomination Submitted

We wanted to share with you all that we nominated the tree, so at least there will be a record somewhere of its existence. The reply email from Thank you for your nomination of Tree-of-heaven AILANTHUS (Ailanthus altissima) on June 23, 2016 to American Forests’ National Register of Big Trees. Your tree scores a

Old 2St Tree Benefit Calculator

Overall Benefit: This 34 inch Trunk Diameter Tree of heaven provides overall benefits of: $310 every year. From┬áNational Tree Benefit Calculator stormwater runoff: Your 34 inch Trunk Diameter Tree of heaven will intercept 14,151 gallons of stormwater runoff this year. Urban stormwater runoff (or “non-point source pollution”) washes chemicals (oil, gasoline, salts, etc.) and litter