Print Your Own Window Poster

Please Feel Free to print your own Window Poster for Here is a link below where you can download the PDF File and then print it. Window Poster and share with your friends and neighbors. Thank You, Signed, The Big Old 2 St Tree


Why the Tree is at Risk

Our 80-plus year old tree is in danger from development plans on an adjacent lot that is just too small for building or living, 14ft wide x 20ft deep. The design calls for a 3 story trinity house which would force cutting almost half the branches. If the shock doesn’t kill the tree, it would still be

Bubbles and Heart Watching Birds

4 Month old sister kittens, Bubbles and Heart, watching the birds in the Big Old 2St Tree.  They are rescues from a neighbor in Queens Village.  They love sitting in the stairs and looking out the window at the birds in the tree.

Sounds from the Tree

capturing life and Sounds under the Big Tree.  Listening to the wind rustling the leaves and the local birds chirping away.